Volvo Bus Australia delivers 1,000th Bus to the Public Transport Authority of Western Australia

October marks Volvo Bus Australia’s 1000th bus delivery to the Public Transport Authority of Western Australia (PTA). The milestone represents a decade long relationship, with both organisations looking forward to the arrival of the first Volvo Electric Buses into Perth in 2021.

Volvo B8RLE
Volvo B8RLE

Volvo’s first contract with PTA in 2010 saw Volvo Bus Australia deliver 912 buses to PTA, the success of which has been followed by a second contract – awarded in 2019 that will see up to 900 additional buses delivered between 2019-2029.

The most recent contract is worth over $500 million and is part of PTA’s plan to safeguard Western Australia’s future bus fleet in replacing their older vehicles with new high quality, modern and fuel efficient buses. Over the course of the decade long agreement, 90 Volvo buses are planned to be delivered annually, with an initial five year deal, and option for a further five years. With this contract in place, Volvo Bus Australia will be nearing their 2,000th bus delivery to PTA in 2029.

“We are humbled, yet very proud, to mark our 1,000th bus delivery to PTA. We feel very fortunate to be working with an organisation that share our passion for creating sustainable public transport for our communities,” says David Mead, Acting General Manager Volvo Bus Australia.

“Our focus on innovation, fuel efficiency and sustainable technologies, will no doubt be reflected in the vehicles and services we deliver to PTA over the coming years. We are also looking forward to seeing our eagerly awaited electric bus model become part of PTA’s fleet and the environmental benefits this will have for PTA, and the city of Perth”.

“We need to recognise our supply partners, especially Volgren Australia whose Malaga based production facility has produced all 1,000 of these buses in Western Australia for PTA. It’s also an exciting time for our dealer partner in Perth, Truck Centre Western Australia, who are just putting the finishing touches on a new multi-million dollar investment in facilities – increasing their local footprint, investing in local training and competence and setting themselves for a bright future supporting Volvo’s customers across Western Australia”, says Mead.

As part of the technology roadmap agreed between Volvo and PTA, four electric buses are set to commence operation in Perth in early 2022, with planning well under way for this much anticipated handover.

On receiving their 1,000th Volvo bus, Western Australian Transport Minister, Rita Saffioti says “The partnership between the Public Transport Authority, Volvo Australia and Volgren is a perfect example of how government can support both local and international business investment, creating high-quality products locally, and creating jobs and opportunities”.

The 1,000th bus delivered, a Volvo B8RLE, is a model renowned for its superior fuel efficiency and reliability. The durability of the Volvo B8RLE driveline means that its efficiency and environmental performance is consistent over time – meeting the PTA’s goals of delivering sustainable and environmentally efficient public transport to the Perth metropolitan areas.

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